First and foremost, Highlights of Chicago Press is working to tell the stories of Chicago neighborhoods with books and tours. Chicago is a great place to explore and enjoy. It's a city like no other with stories and experiences for everyone to discover. Whether it's reading about the Great Migration and the development of The Black Metropolis in A New View of Bronzeville  or participating in a walking tour that gets you up close to the landmarks and the people who make Chicago great, we can help you get on the right track. 


We are committed to enhancing literacy with our tours, books and children's literature. It is so important for young people to learn about their history and where they came from. We have added tours that can be for individuals and small groups, family reunions and social clubs, as well as tours for school groups.

Bernard Turner founded Highlights of Chicago Press in 2002 with the publication of A View of Bronzevillea neighborhood tour guide that focuses on the people and culture of a great Chicago neighborhood. Other publications include The Windies' City--Chicago's Historical Hidden Treasures, Our Chicago--People and Places, Chicago Neighborhoods with Flavor--Getting Out of the Loop, and a social studies book for elementary school students learning about Chicago history called Our Chicago--People and Places.