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New Tour 2017
Bronzeville Walk of Fame Walking tour

Bronzeville and Black ChicagoIMG_0453
2016 marks the centennial of The Great Migration. One neighborhood, Bronzeville, is the center of the movement that began in the early 20th Century. Let’s explore the sights and sounds, remember the institutions and historic buildings that were created, as well as celebrate the people who came here and contributed to the greatness of Chicago.


IMG_0587Woodlawn, Hyde Park and the World’s Fair of 1893
This tour explores the Woodlawn neighborhood and its connection to the World’s Columbian Exposition 1893. Landmarks and remnants of the fair remain to be explored and discussed in the context of Chicago history. The tour also visits the University of Chicago with its unique architecture and storied history in the community.

The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.IMG_0445
This tour will explore the history of Dr. King’s Civil Rights campaign in Chicago from the establishment of the Congress of Racial Equality in the 1940s to the non-violent marches and protests in the 1960’s. We will visit the places King organized and lived and the places he marched for equal housing.

Chicago and the Civil War
Did you know Chicago played a key role in the Civil War? Learn about the Union Camp named Camp Douglas, recruited and trained soldiers to fight in the Civil War. You will also learn how the Camp was transformed into a Confederate prisoner of war facility. You will visit the site and learn about the history.

IMG_0446The Great Migration and Chicago
2016 is The Great Migration Centennial — in 1916 waves of rural southern African American migrants began coming to Chicago in the early part of the 20th Century. Learn the stories of the people who left everything behind for the promise of a better life and what they found. Explore this truly fascinating transformative period in the history of African-Americans, American cities, and the American working class and how it radically changed Chicago’s history and culture.

Bus tours and walking tours for groups can be arranged by calling or contacting Bernard Turner


African American Music and Cultural Heritage
This tour highlights Chicago’s African American cultural heritage and music. The principal themes are the Great Migration and the development of the Chicago Blues, Chicago’s jazz scene and the invention of Gospel music. Guests will learn about the people, places and historical significance of Bronzeville and the current jazz and blues culture in the city.

Chicago Blues in Motion Tour
This tour is dedicated to the legends of Blues who came here like all the rest—looking for jobs and opportunities to showcase their talents; looking for a safe haven, and better schools. You will experience the sounds and the feelings of the unique Chicago Blues scene.

Taste Chicago Tour
You pick a neighborhood and kind of food and we’ll arrange a visit to taste what they have to offer. Call or e-mail for more information or to arrange a culinary adventure.