Bernard C. Turner provides guided tours for organizations, family reunions, school groups and individuals. As a docent for the Chicago History Museum, Mr. Turner has led guided tours and activities inside and outside of the Museum since 2000. CHM tours include walking tours of Lincoln Park and Old Town. He also gives “L” Tours of the Brown Line, Green Line West, and Green Line South.


Mr. Turner is a member of the Chicago Tour-Guide Professionals Association. He has organized and given tours of African-American churches for Gospel Fest for the Chicago Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs.


Types of tours provided: step-on guided tours (Bus); walking tours: virtual tours (PowerPoint) and App tours.


Choose the tour you would like to organize or join:


Bronzeville and Black Chicago
Bronzeville is one of 77 Chicago neighborhoods, but it has many of the official landmarks of the entire City of Chicago. Once known as the Black Belt, Bronzeville was inhabited by African Americans who migrated here at the beginning of the 20th Century. The neighborhood flourished and became overcrowded and declined, but much of the glamour and historical significance remains to be seen and to be enjoyed. Bronzeville and Black Chicago is a perfect bus or walking tour that is 2-3 hours in length. Combine an exciting and history-filled tour with a light snack or a soulful lunch and you have a great experience on Chicago’s South Side.


Other tours by Highlights of Chicago Tours:


Hyde Park/Washington Park and the World’s Columbian Expo
This tour focuses on sights and architecture of Hyde Park and the beautiful churches in Woodlawn as well as the legacy of the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. The tour includes the history of the Chicago Park Commission and the landscaping feats of the noted landscape architects who created Jackson and Washington Parks and the Midway that connects them. This tour is two hours by bus and can be combined with a visit to special sites at the University of Chicago such as Rockefeller Chapel and Robey House. A great tour for those interested in architecture—landscape and steel and mortar.


The Tour of Duty
This is a full-city tour that starts at the Chicago History Museum’s Standing Lincoln. It focuses on landmarks, monuments and buildings that tell the story of Chicago in military history. The tour can be combined with a visit to the Pritzker Military Library and the Eighth Regiment Armory. The tour concludes with a visit to Oak Woods Cemetery and Confederate Mound. This is a great tour for veterans and veterans groups and families interested in learning about Chicago’s military highlights.


From Civil War to Civil Rights
This tour details the role Chicago played in the Civil War and its aftermath. It highlights the creation of Camp Douglas and the sad legacy of the Union Army Camp where thousands died in utterly deplorable conditions. The role of Chicago in the fight for civil rights is emphasized with the politics of Chicago and its leaders in conflict with the marches and efforts to achieve equality in housing and other rights.


Customized tours can be arranged by calling or e-mailing Bernard Turner for information about tours and itineraries.


Bernard C. Turner